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October 1st, 2011

Restoration of the Temple

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Just under 8 jam-packed hours full of health secrets and information that will radically transform your life
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Children – Full of Life

September 9th, 2015

Lots of “food” to chew on…

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Did we miss something?

August 31st, 2015


The frequency of my communication has decreased over time relative to the feedback and the purchasing through The Natural Health Treasury…. This is not a desire but a practical necessity of life. My “other” work which is the restoration of broken and dysfunctional motorcycle carburetors PAYS significantly more and necessitates that I give it the attention that it earns and calls for. By the way, this work was given to me by the Almighty.. so I certainly don’t consider it less important or significant.

My PASSION is to communicate with others regarding this incredible subject and the object of this discussion which is the BODY, designed by the Maker and fearfully (In a manner to impress admiration and astonishment.) and wonderfully (In a manner to excite wonder or surprise.) made. [Definitions from the 1812 Websters Dictionary)


The truth is that U.S. gummint, which many consider to be the chief tear or ist organization in the world has declared a;

W4r on Drugs (over 40 years, see Drugs War Clock)

W4r on C4ncer (40+ yrs, The Secret History of the W4r on C4ncer, By Devra Davis, also this trailer about what’s up)

W4r on Poverty (50+ yrs, 22 Trillion and counting while poverty explodes in America, 46+ Million on foodstamps)

W4r on Terror1sm (excuse me while I go retch)

just to mention a few of the never-ending list of wars on which they declare, then never WIN because their declarations are nothing more than propoganda tools that APPEAR noble while really presenting a platform for the secret agenda behind the so-called war. How are they doing in these w4rs just listed here? hahahaaahhhhaaa…. I knew I could make you laugh. But it really isn’t funny at all when one realizes how insidious and wicked these agendas truly are.

What would be more honest and realistic would be for them to announce their real agendas such as the few counterparts I have listed below:

W4r on Freedom
W4r on Americans
W4r on Christianity
W4r on Health [ see this video for an interesting documentary verifying this fact ]

Perhaps in the following newsletters I will provide additional commentary on the various wars that the U.S. gummint is actually waging as listed above, NOT the ones they CLAIM to be waging.

We are electrical beings and as such we are adversely or positively affected by electric oriented energies. Batteries need re-charging in order to function properly. SO DO YOU.

Each year, I take my family and we go to a beach. Why the beach? Because there is no more powerful source of grounding (critical for re-charging and electrical detox’g) than the Oceans. While there, getting into that oceany goodness for a little re-charge and detox, we had visitors that came to lunch

Get grounded, get right with your Maker and get some of the pristine, powerful health supplements available ONLY at: The Natural Health Treasury.

Benefits of living foods

April 28th, 2014

Having a diet that is made up of 75% to 100% in raw foods is called a living foods diet, alternately called raw foods diet. This diet is so called because the majority of the foods are eaten in their natural state, uncooked and unprocessed. Living foods are high in enzymes, which are important to the body because they convert vitamins and minerals for usage. Further, these foods tend to be organic, not effected by the use of pesticides by farmers. Eating living foods, especially fruits, nuts, and vegetables, is much healthier for the human reproductive system since there are no trans-fats or bad cholesterol to encourage heart disease. Having a diet of living foods as such can be healthy for the body, even if the other 25% of your diet consists of cooked meats which are considered “friendly” to the body, such as fish and chicken. That 25% can even include the occasional blueberry bran muffin, a baked food, but a delicious one nonetheless. Eating living foods is better than eating fast foods that contain trans-fats and no nutritional value.
Living foods include: organic vegetables, wheat sprouts, nuts of every variety, fruits, berries, and wild greens. Raw root vegetables, vine vegetables, edible bush berries, and tree fruits are some of my favorite living fruits. It is not advisable to eat certain foods raw, such as chicken or eggs due to the possible contraction of salmonella. Raw fish has been popular in Japanese diets for centuries and while one may need to acquire the taste for raw fish, it can certainly be a part of the living foods diet.

Below are ten health benefits having a living foods diet:

1. Juicing can also make up for not eating the RDA of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables each day. Juicing a combination of raw vegetables and fruits. Combined with wheat grass, which is a fiber necessary for the body, a raw foods juice can provide the body with the proper daily nutrients it needs. Vitamins are retained in the juice of vegetables and fruits and as a drink, natural fresh-squeezed juice is a great snack for any time of the day, whether at work or just lounging around the house.

2. Phytochemicals in raw vegetables keep the body from contracting disease, including cancer. Phytochemicals also stimulate enzymes which can lower estrogen in a woman’s body and decrease her chance of contracting breast cancer. These phytochemicals are present in raw foods and vegetables, such as blueberries, cranberries, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and cabbage.

3. Raw foods can remove toxins stored in the body, or acquired from processed foods that may have caused the toxins. If toxins are removed from the body, there is a lower chance of getting ill.

4. Portion control. In our super-sized society where food of the not-so-healthy type is in abundance at every fast food restaurant around, a living foods diet can make you feel full so you do not get hungry an hour later. The water and fiber content of living foods is the key to giving you the feeling of fullness until the next meal.

5. Protein from nuts contains good cholesterol for the body, versus bad cholesterol usually caused by high-fat meats like red beef. Cholesterol is necessary for the body to function but if the body receives the wrong type of cholesterol, it can increase heart disease and blood flow problems. Nuts as part of the living foods diet thus fulfills the necessary protein for muscle development and to repair and build muscles.

6. The consumption of citrus fruits can remove any potential carcinogens that reside in your body. Carcinogens come from eating overcooked meat, caffeine, and smoking tobacco (the primary ingredient in cigarettes).

7. With a living foods diet, you can lose weight quicker if you are seeking to drop a few pounds. A living foods diet can also help stabilize your weight once you arrive at the desired weight goal. By eating living foods, you have a lower chance of putting on weight because you eat less during the day. So, even if you consume the average RDA of 3000 calories per day, chances are you can lose weight quicker and keep those unwanted pounds off.

8. Wheat grass, as a staple of a living foods diet, can detoxify your digestive system, prevent cancer and diabetes. Wheat grass also contains amino acids and enzymes necessary for building tissue in the body.

9. Living foods provides your body with a high energy level, so you do not become fatigued throughout the day. Even if you eat a good sized meal of living foods, you won’t feel like you need a nap afterwards.

10. Eating living foods can extend your life span by keeping out the toxins, reduce carcinogens in your system, and your heart healthy.

Some living foods menu suggestions:

sushi with rice, wheat sprouts and slivered carrots

green salad with cruciferous vegetables (broccoli and cauliflower)

fresh fruit salad of apples, pears, nectarines with cinnamon

Cancer – Forbidden Cures

August 7th, 2013

Is it REALLY big business Martha???

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109 Years old and still banging

July 17th, 2013

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Wisdom from an 11 y.o.

July 17th, 2013

11 years old and understands our health problem better than most.

5m21s playing time

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Is it REALLY Organic?

October 15th, 2012

Full List of Non-Organic Ingredients Allowed in Organic Food

* List provided by Electronic Code of Federal Regulations – May 22, 2012

Non-Organic Agriculture Products Allowed:

* Casings, from processed intestines.
* Celery powder.
* Chia ( Salvia hispanica L. ).
* Colors derived from agricultural products.
* Annatto extract color—water and oil soluble.
* Beet juice extract color
* Beta-carotene extract color, derived from carrots
* Black currant juice color
* Black/Purple carrot juice color
* Blueberry juice color
* Carrot juice color
* Cherry juice color
* Chokeberry—Aronia juice color
* Elderberry juice color
* Grape juice color
* Grape skin extract color
* Paprika color —dried, and oil extracted.
* Pumpkin juice color
* Purple potato juice
* Red cabbage extract color
* Red radish extract color
* Saffron extract color
* Turmeric extract color
* Dillweed oil
* Fish oil —stabilized with organic ingredients or only with ingredients on the National List
* Fortified cooking wines.
* Marsala.
* Sherry.
* Fructooligosaccharides
* Galangal, frozen.
* Gelatin
* Gums—water extracted only (Arabic; Guar; Locust bean; and Carob bean).
* Hops ( Humulus luplus ).
* Inulin-oligofructose enriched
* Kelp—for use only as a thickener and dietary supplement.
* Konjac flour
* Lecithin—de-oiled.
* Lemongrass—frozen.
* Orange pulp, dried.
* Orange shellac-unbleached
* Pectin (high-methoxy).
* Peppers (Chipotle chile).
* Seaweed, Pacific kombu.
* Starches.
* Cornstarch (native).
* Rice starch, unmodified —for use in organic handling until June 21, 2009.
* Sweet potato starch—for bean thread production only.
* Tragacanth gum
* Turkish bay leaves.
* Wakame seaweed ( Undaria pinnatifida ).
* Whey protein concentrate

Non-Synthetic Allowed:

* Acids (Alginic; Citric—produced by microbial fermentation of carbohydrate substances; and Lactic).
* Agar-agar.
* Animal enzymes—(Rennet—animals derived; Catalase—bovine liver; Animal lipase; Pancreatin; Pepsin; and Trypsin).
* Bentonite.
* Calcium carbonate.
* Calcium chloride.
* Calcium sulfate—mined.
* Carrageenan.
* Dairy cultures.
* Diatomaceous earth—food filtering aid only.
* Egg white lysozyme
* Enzymes—must be derived from edible, nontoxic plants, nonpathogenic fungi, or nonpathogenic bacteria.
* Flavors, nonsynthetic sources only and must not be produced using synthetic solvents and carrier systems or any artificial preservative.
* Gellan gum —high-acyl form only.
* Glucono delta-lactone—production by the oxidation of D-glucose with bromine water is prohibited.
* Kaolin.
* L-Malic acid
* Magnesium sulfate, nonsynthetic sources only.
* Microorganisms—any food grade bacteria, fungi, and other microorganism.
* Nitrogen—oil-free grades.
* Oxygen—oil-free grades.
* Perlite—for use only as a filter aid in food processing.
* Potassium chloride.
* Potassium iodide.
* Sodium bicarbonate.
* Sodium carbonate.
* Tartaric acid—made from grape wine.
* Waxes—nonsynthetic (Carnauba wax; and Wood resin).
* Yeast—nonsynthetic, growth on petrochemical substrate and sulfite waste liquor is prohibited (Autolysate; Bakers; Brewers; Nutritional; and Smoked—nonsynthetic smoke flavoring process must be documented)

Synthetics Allowed:

* Acidified sodium chlorite—Secondary direct antimicrobial food treatment and indirect food contact surface sanitizing. Acidified with citric acid only.
* Activated charcoal —only from vegetative sources; for use only as a filtering aid.
* Alginates.
* Ammonium bicarbonate—for use only as a leavening agent.
* Ammonium carbonate—for use only as a leavening agent.
* Ascorbic acid.
* Calcium citrate.
* Calcium hydroxide.
* Calcium phosphates (monobasic, dibasic, and tribasic).
* Carbon dioxide.
* Cellulose—for use in regenerative casings, as an anti-caking agent (non-chlorine bleached) and filtering aid.
* Chlorine materials—disinfecting and sanitizing food contact surfaces, Except, That, residual chlorine levels in the water shall not exceed the maximum residual disinfectant limit under the Safe Drinking Water Act (Calcium hypochlorite; Chlorine dioxide; and Sodium hypochlorite).
* Cyclohexylamine —for use only as a boiler water additive for packaging sterilization.
* Diethylaminoethanol —for use only as a boiler water additive for packaging sterilization.
* Ethylene—allowed for postharvest ripening of tropical fruit and degreening of citrus.
* Ferrous sulfate—for iron enrichment or fortification of foods when required by regulation or recommended (independent organization).
* Glycerides (mono and di)—for use only in drum drying of food.
* Glycerin—produced by hydrolysis of fats and oils.
* Hydrogen peroxide.
* Magnesium carbonate—for use only in agricultural products labeled “made with organic (specified ingredients or food group(s)),” prohibited in agricultural products labeled “organic”.
* Magnesium chloride—derived from sea water.
* Magnesium stearate—for use only in agricultural products labeled “made with organic (specified ingredients or food group(s)),” prohibited in agricultural products labeled “organic”.
* Nutrient vitamins and minerals, in accordance with 21 CFR 104.20, Nutritional Quality Guidelines For Foods.
* Octadecylamine —for use only as a boiler water additive for packaging sterilization.
* Ozone.
* Pectin (low-methoxy).
* Peracetic acid/Peroxyacetic acid —for use in wash and/or rinse water according to FDA limitations. For use as a sanitizer on food contact surfaces.
* Phosphoric acid—cleaning of food-contact surfaces and equipment only.
* Potassium acid tartrate.
* Potassium carbonate.
* Potassium citrate.
* Potassium hydroxide—prohibited for use in lye peeling of fruits and vegetables except when used for peeling peaches during the Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) production process.
* Potassium iodide—for use only in agricultural products labeled “made with organic (specified ingredients or food group(s)),” prohibited in agricultural products labeled “organic”.
* Potassium phosphate—for use only in agricultural products labeled “made with organic (specific ingredients or food group(s)),” prohibited in agricultural products labeled “organic”.
* Silicon dioxide.
* Sodium acid pyrophosphate —for use only as a leavening agent.
* Sodium citrate.
* Sodium hydroxide—prohibited for use in lye peeling of fruits and vegetables.
* Sodium phosphates—for use only in dairy foods.
* Sulfur dioxide—for use only in wine labeled “made with organic grapes,” Provided, That, total sulfite concentration does not exceed 100 ppm.
* Tartaric acid—made from malic acid.
* Tetrasodium pyrophosphate (CAS # 7722–88–5)—for use only in meat analog products.
* Tocopherols—derived from vegetable oil when rosemary extracts are not a suitable alternative.
* Xanthan gum

GMO Ticking Time Bomb

October 5th, 2012

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GMO Interview

October 4th, 2012

The Truth about unWhole Foods

October 3rd, 2012

Who do you think the so-called “community user(s)” were that FLAGGED this video and got it pulled from the corporate protection mob at YouTube? Bet it wasn’t your Aunt Nancy, or farmer Jones. Ya think it mighta been some big corporation, masquarading as a Whole Foods supplier of healthy eats?