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October 1st, 2011

Restoration of the Temple

Individual conference CD’s & mp3 files

Just under 8 jam-packed hours full of health secrets and information that will radically transform your life
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October 14th, 2016

The insane program that is killing Americans funded by THEMSELVES!

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October 5th, 2016

When will people get the message?

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Another health genocide on the American People

October 3rd, 2016

The Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA = another 3 letter Federal agency [Federal has always meant hostile to and the enemy of the American people]) over 10 years ago installed Advanced Imaging Technology – its “virtual strip search” machines in airports. This, after a flood of warnings about how destructive they were…. Not “might be” to people’s health.

Heavenly Handbook of HealthBesides the essentially nude rendering of the passenger – and how the images are handled is the near guaranteed consequences that a person will suffer… sooner or later.
Finally there’s a lawsuit raising the inevitable claim: The machines are responsible for hundreds of deaths per year. The lawsuit was filed in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals by the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the Rutherford Institute against the Department of Transportation and the TSA. The suit is being pursued in conjunction with a similar case by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

“TSA characterized AIT as reducing the need for pat-downs, and stated that privacy concerns regarding body scanners’ production of naked body images had been eliminated through new software that produced only a ‘generic outline’ of a passenger’s body,” the new lawsuit explains.
TSA noted the public opposition and “conceded” that some travelers are limiting airline travel as much as possible because of the screening demands.

“And it noted the argument of some individuals and organizations that, given the greater risks of driving compared to flying, this could raise a safety issue – ‘some estimated as many as 500 additional deaths per year,’” the new complaint says.

However, the TSA dismissed as negligible any such impact. Editor’s Note: REALLY?!?!? The Federal Agency “dismissed as negligible” the risks associated with their project that was put into effect with an agenda from the start??

“‘We the people’ have not done the best job of holding our representatives accountable or standing up for our rights,” said John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute and author of “Battlefield America: The War on the American People.” Editor’s note: When will the sleeple (people asleep) of America wake up? When full-blown tryanny and the murder of millions is behind us… that’s when. I am not talking about the millions already killed intentionally by vaccines, chemtrails, targeted radiation, gmo’s, the medical system, the pharmaceutical system and so on. I am talking about the type of tyranny seen in China when 60 million people were put to death. That is soon-coming to the American sleeple…sadly “However, something as expensive, invasive and seemingly ineffective as these scanners certainly shouldn’t be foisted on an unsuspecting American populace without the absolute assurance that it will not harm our health or undermine our liberties.”

The scanner became the primary means of screening passengers in 2009, even though there was no legislation or regulation allowing it. The TSA was criticized in 2010 by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., for its “enhanced pat-downs” which accompanied the scanner image controversy, and it was reported extensively on the controversy when judges threw out challenges against the agency based on a “secret order” issued by the TSA.

In one of the court cases challenging the scanners, District Court Judge Henry H. Kennedy Jr. cited a “secret order” issued by the TSA as the basis for dismissing the case.
At one point, the Libertarian Party of Florida formally asked sheriffs across the state to start arresting TSA agents in the 67 counties for sexual battery.

“As sheriff, you have the absolute duty to enforce the law uniformly and without prejudice. You are, at best, engaged in selective enforcement by choosing to further ignore these flagrant violations of federal and state law. At worst, you are complicit,” said a message to the 67 sheriffs from the party, signed by chairman Adrian Wyllie.

Paul’s criticism of the process was blunt.
“The press reports are horrifying: 95 year-old women humiliated; children molested; disabled people abused; men and women subjected to unwarranted groping and touching of their most private areas; involuntary radiation exposure,” he wrote. “If the perpetrators were a gang of criminals, their headquarters would be raided by SWAT teams and armed federal agents. Unfortunately, in this case the perpetrators are armed federal agents. This is the sorry situation 10 years after the creation of the Transportation Security Administration.”

What’s Wrong With Millimeter Wave Radiation?

The fact that millimeter wave technology is used in the treatment of skin cancer (due to its known skin-heating properties), means it undeniably has an effect on human cells. This heating is a direct result of microwave frequencies entering the skin and inducing a certain level of atomic motion within the cellular structure. This is really just a fancy way of saying that millimeter wave radiation microwaves your skin.

Just how much this millimeter wave radiation microwaves your skin is where push comes to shove. But most scientists are in agreement that any amount of radiation poses at least some level of risk. The public deserves to know both this level of risk and what they can do to minimize or eliminate it. If you want to educate, equip and cancer-proof yourself, visit this site to be fully prepared.

Though not ionizing in nature, millimeter wave radiation is still potentially damaging to the human body. A 2012 paper published in the journal Radiation Research admits that the safety of millimeter wave body scanners is “difficult-to-impossible to prove using publicly accessible data.” This means that TSA claims of negligible risk associated with their use represent the opinion of the TSA, and not scientific fact.

What we do know is that millimeter waves, which exist in the 30-300 GHz range, cause “multiple biological effects,” according to another study published the same year in the International Journal of Oncology. Though this study looked specifically at millimeter wave radiation in the context of cancer treatment, the morphological effects demonstrated reveal that this supposedly “safe” form of radiation causes cellular change that inhibit cellular growth.

Like all other forms of radiation, millimeter waves don’t differentiate between healthy cells and malignant cells. Whatever cells they’re targeted at are the cells they destroy. In the case of concentrated radiation blasts from millimeter wave body scanners, it means every cell on the surface of your body.

How Millimeter Waves From a Full Body Scanner May Cause Cancer

What this all means is that millimeter wave body scanners act as giant microwaves that literally heat travelers’ bodies at the cellular level using ultra-high frequencies not normally found in nature. Microwave ovens operate at nearly the same frequencies as these machines. They induce cellular vibrations strong enough to generate heat in food, so imagine what it’s doing to your skin.

But these are just minor thermal effects, you might be thinking, since an airport body scan only lasts a mere two seconds or so as opposed to 30 seconds to a minute to warm a bowl of soup in a microwave oven. But the principle is still the same, especially when taking into account repeated exposures.

And you also have to consider the non-thermal effects of millimeter wave radiation, which disrupt cellular communication in ways that science has yet to fully delineate. The United States Air Force conducted its own research into ultra-high frequency, non-ionizing radiation as a potential weapons technology. Interestingly, in the process they uncovered evidence that the non-thermal activity of millimeter wave radiation directly interferes with the body’s ability to protect and heal itself.

A World Health Organization (WHO) report adds even more to the conversation, revealing that millimeter waves not only heat the skin but also damage eyesight and cause cancer, particularly cancer of the skin.

Heavenly Handbook of Health

A team of researchers from the Center for Nonlinear Studies at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico recognized the lack of scientific research into this questionable technology. They decided to investigate for themselves how high-frequency terahertz (THz) waves, like the kind emitted from the TSA’s millimeter wave full body scanners, affect human DNA. They learned that:
“THz waves … unzip double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the double strand that could significantly interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication.”

  • The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) claims their “advanced imaging technology” devices are just as safe as traditional metal detectors. Research shows this isn’t the case and that the doses of electromagnetic radiation emitted by the TSA’s millimeter wave technology machines can cause cancer.
  • Millimeter wave technology is used in the treatment of skin cancer (due to its known skin-heating properties), which means it undeniably has an effect on human cells.
  • Like all other forms of radiation, millimeter waves don’t differentiate between healthy cells and malignant cells. In the case of concentrated radiation blasts from millimeter wave body scanners, it means every cell on the surface of your body is targeted.
  • A World Health Organization (WHO) report revealed that millimeter waves not only heat the skin but also damage eyesight and cause cancer − particularly skin cancer.
  • By choosing a manual pat-down, air travelers can minimize their radiation exposure and thus minimize the risk of developing cancer.

    If you think the radiation scare is over-rated, visit this section

of my site to be educated properly.

Health bits 091516

September 15th, 2016

I am running a special on the most versatile and most popular item in The Natural Health Treasury. Fossil Shell Flour. If you haven’t used it yet, don’t pass up this opportunity to get twice the value! 2-for-1 special through this weekend. When you order one I give you an extra free. No limit on quantities. You can order 10 and you’ll get 20!! Click the link to the right “The Natural Health Treasury” and place your order!

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Now we have a vaccine for Diabetes. When will the madness ever stop?? If you want to get healthy and be free from diseases like Diabetes, get the book! It’s guaranteed with a one-year money back, no questions asked promise.

Dr. Anthony Samsel, a research chemist and biomedical investigator, presents proof that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp Ready pesticide, is in almost all vaccines. These include MMR, chickenpox, shingles, hepatitis, and flu. He believes the source of contamination is animal protein from eggs or gelatin from bones, both of which are used to cultivate vaccine components. Children’s ‘gummie’ vitamins made from gelatin also contain glyphosate. Tony Mitra posted 2016 Sep 3 (Story)

Apple’s new ‘wireless’ headphones emit radiation … right next to your brain. See my section on radiation and get educated. You are already being radiated.

Jarupa Valley, California: Two students from an elementary school have been diagnosed with leprosy, a long-lasting infection caused by bacteria. It can be spread by sneezing or coughing and can cause skin lesions, loss of nerve sensation, paralysis, and blindness. Leprosy can be successfully treated by anti-biotics. Daily Caller 2016 Sep 7 (Story)

And last but not least, if you want to see what a lack of good nutrition does to a person, watch this mind-blowing, unbelievable video:

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The Garden of Life

June 3rd, 2016

Life is short! Make it count. Here’s the latest newsletter in short form (for all you busy bodies)

The new garden of life giving food, just installed: Curly Parsley, Italian Parsley, Basil, Dill and lots of Tomatoes… yummy. A little yellowish but they are gonna green right up in the incredible soil that is their new home! We are what we eat…. plants are what THEY EAT. IF we grow pretty looking nutrient deficient plants, we will eat nutrient deficient food. The soil is key!!!!!

And while we are at it, let’s have a look at some goodies shipping out from The Natural Health Treasury to one of our friends who regularly buys unique life-giving supplements from us.

Remember that we endeavor, based on many years of both allopathic and alternative health study, to provide you with the absolute best options available today…anywhere!

Why have we given all of our products UNIQUE names?
Because the amount of research and time that has gone into ensuring that each of our items meets the P.A.C.E. criteria is invaluable!!! You *cannot* simply go out and buy just any ole product you find in the MARKETplace. (I.E., Money-driven sales) We are committed to ensuring that the items you obtain thru us not only meet our high standards of efficacy, cleanliness, affordability and essentialness. (PACE) Please do not fall into the illusion that all products are the same or will provide you with the same or even remotely similar benefits. 99% of the time, they will not.

Certified Pristine

Certified Pristine is the next generation of food standards, far surpassing Certified Organic by addressing areas most people rarely consider including:

    Protection from Irradiation
    Protection from X-Rays
    Protection from exhaust fume absorption during transit
    Ensuring correct harvesting methods, for peak nutrient profile
    Ensuring correct Genus and Species of product
    Determining exact chemical residue levels to ensure products are clean (free from pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, petrochemicals, heavy metals)
    Protection from oxidation (slow cooking by oxygen exposure) during shipping and storage
    Protection from GMO (Genetically Modified) contamination
    Protection from microbial (bacteria/fungus/yeast/mold) contamination

Certified Pristine encompasses these and other energetic testing parameters. We are not able to provide you with 100% products that are using this immaculate level of product quality commitment but many of them are.

State of the Union?

April 26th, 2016

“Hi, we’re from the GoverMINT (sp) and we’re here to help you!” You mean like you helped this 17 y.o. young lady who was fighting a serious cancer and wanted to do it safely and naturally? The one who didn’t want to have to FIGHT the chemo and radiation on top of the already existing cancer. The one who probably understood that radiation CAUSES cancer… we’re talking about this one right? She had argued she didn’t want to poison her body with chemotherapy. Her case went to the state Supreme Court, which ruled in January 2015 that Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families wasn’t violating her rights. She was then forced by the gummint to undergo chemotherapy for her cancer and says a new mass has been found in her lungs. She told The Associated Press that she is “moving forward with alternative treatments.” She had been in remission after undergoing five months of forced chemotherapy for Hodgkin lymphoma when she was 17. Good thing those concerned people from the gummint stepped in…

The people over in Pakistan have a little different way of dealing with overly concerned, meddling gummint busy-bodies. 7 policemen escorting a polio-eradication team killed in Pakistan
ISLAMABAD, April 20 (Xinhua) — At least seven policemen, deployed to guard polio-eradication teams, were killed and three others injured when gunmen opened fire at them in Pakistan’s southern port city of Karachi on Wednesday, officials said. Feroze Shah, deputy Inspector General Police, said the policemen were escorting teams who were giving polio vaccines to children in Orangi Town of Karachi, the capital city of the country’s south Sindh province. He said the attackers first gunned down three policemen who were on the foot and then opened indiscriminate firing at a police mobile, killing four cops and injuring three others. No polio worker was killed or injured in the drive-by shooting by four militants on two motorbikes.

The three-day polio eradication drive, which started on Monday, was suspended following the incident. Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only two countries in the world where polio virus could not be eradicated yet. The polio-eradication campaigns in the country have been badly affected by the militants who launch attack on polio teams and threaten parents against allowing health workers to administer polio vaccine to their kids. An estimated 80 workers have been killed in separate attacks by militants on polio teams since December 2012. What the heck is going on you may wonder? The friendly gummints of the world have “suddenly” decided to eradicate all polio vaccines. WHY? So they can give you NEW ones. 🙂 yuck-yuck. Yes, Vern, they plan to forcibly vaccinate you against your will (to help you) just like they forcibly chemo’d and radiated the poor girl mentioned above.

See how the NWO governments plan to forcibly vaccinate you. Over the last week or so, we’ve all watched in fascination as the entire mainstream media called for the outright censorship of a vaccine documentary they had never even seen. That documentary — “VAXXED” — was so dangerous to the medical establishment that orders went out to the media to attack it and destroy it. the official site

Similarly, a book called “A Mind of Your Own,” authored by a holistic doctor named Dr. Kelly Brogan, was blackballed by the entire mainstream media after orders went out to crush the book. It recommends a holistic, nutrition-based approach to mental health while exposing the lies and science fraud behind antidepressants and SSRI drugs.

Key West, Florida: Residents are hopping mad at the CDC, the FDA and Oxitec, the producer of GMO mosquitoes. They do not want to be experimented upon with millions of engineered insects that the government plans to release supposedly to fight the Zika virus. The residents are planning to sue government officials who are forcing the experiment on them.

Michigan: A District Judge accepted charges against three state and local officials involved in the Flint water-pollution tragedy in which tens of thousands of people were poisoned. Now the key witnesses against the State are starting to turn up DEAD coincidently.

But we are just here to help you…

Meanwhile, while there is a major “war on terror” the head muslim in the white house has authorized the U.S. to give 680,000 Green Cards to Migrants from Muslim Nations. Over the same period, the U.S. issued only 270,000 green cards to migrants from the European Union.

Better get your Miracle Scrub before it sells out!! If you are going to be forcibly vaccinated or terrorized, you at least want to look and feel your best.

Rub-a-dub-dub (Scrub)

April 18th, 2016

It’s our new miracle scrub. I mean WOW it’s amazing!!! I’m a man and generally cosmetic and skin care products don’t do much for me…at least according to my wife they DO but I seem to not be interested in them.

But I have to tell you I am wildly interested in this Miracle Scrub because it makes my skin feel fantastic, especially my face.

And what is so nice is that we actually make it ourselves so I won’t have to worry about my supplier. Haha

miracle scrub

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Can you hear me now?

April 15th, 2016

Sometimes good information goes by the way side. The world is full of information and we are constantly bombarded with information….please take a few minutes to watch this video and check out the dedicated section on my website it may save your life or the life of someone you care about.


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84 years young

March 26th, 2016

My mother is 84 years old. In the last eight years, her life has been transformed dramatically on the spiritual level, emotional level, mental level and nutritional level. This has equated to an entirely different quality of life. During this interview I discuss with my mother some of the factors that have been involved in this transformation. There is much to be gleaned from this interview.

84 Years Young!

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Children – Full of Life

September 9th, 2015

Lots of “food” to chew on…

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