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This work was begun in 2004 after my own fight against C4NCER and other debilitating diseases.

In 2000 I was diagnosed with skin C4NCER, severe candida & parasites. I had previously been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Mitral Valve Prolapse of the heart and severe acidosis (low blood pH). I was also dealing with Ankylosing Spondylitis. The combination of all these problems was basically killing me. CLICK THE PICTURE BELOW TO WATCH THIS IMPORTANT 15 MIN MOVIE.

I was being advised by a skin C4NCER profiteer “expert” that I would have to wait 4 months for treatment. Naturally this was a shocking piece of information as I could not imagine that anyone, especially a Doctor, would take such an unconcerned attitude about C4NCER. I attempted, in vain, to find another Doctor that would treat the C4NCER immediately but was further dismayed to learn that all of them were booked solid for many months and there wasn’t a single Doctor in the entire city that would see me. I had little choice but to wait for four months until the day of my big treatment came.

Amazingly I was in and out of the Doctor’s office in less than 10 minutes and incredulous. WHY?!!?!?! did he have to wait four months for a treatment that took 10 minutes extortion. I was given a local anesthetic and the Doctor used a razor sharp curette to scoop flesh out of my shoulder; leaving quite a deep and ugly wound. Nearly a thousand dollars and not even a full month later I noted quite clearly that the C4NCER was growing back. I decided at that moment that I would never deal with this kind of Doctor again. My next attempt to get help was by visiting the most prestigious Naturopathic Doctor’s offices in Seattle, Washington. There I was treated with FM Radio waves which, in effect, burned layers of skin away in an attempt to remove the C4NCER. Although the treatment was far less invasive and left less scarring – it, like the other, failed to do anything to resolve my problem.

It must also be mentioned that my personal life was in a shambles as well. I mention this because of the unquestionable link between physical, emotional and spiritual health which is a very important link that is discussed when I am speaking to groups or individuals.

It was at this point that I decided that I was going to kill C4NCER or C4NCER was going to kill me but I would NOT go to any Doctor’s again. At this point I had already dedicated much of my life to the study of health (from an allopathic or emergency based medicine perspective) but this battle catapulted my motivation and determination to a new level.

Over the last 15+ years I have aggressively researched, experimented and shared with others; often-times using my own health and body as a guinea pig in the search for answers and solutions to my own and many other health problems. What I have learned over these years of averaging at least 4-5 hours daily of intensive study has been instrumental in my ability to help others make their own discovery regarding the path to optimal health. To date, I have assisted many such people from all walks of life and you can read some of their personal stories by clicking on this link.

I have learned over time that every good gift comes from above. The knowledge I needed to begin the process of turning my health around, the wisdom (right application of knowledge) and the understanding (skill in dealing with or handling something) all began to fall into place. I believe and share with others… my perspective that these are the gifts which come from above and are given to those who respect and seek the Creator and live according to His instruction. By applying what I was given, I’ve not only changed my life but have been enabled to help others to change in many positive ways.

At my age I am able to train with professional boxers, mixed martial artists and can still play full court basketball competitively with the 20 year olds. I have the vitality of a man half my age and suffer from no diseases or heart problems. I have not seen a doctor, had a check-up, had a sniffle or carried health insurance in 13+ years. I EAT my health insurance daily!

This personal battle and experience led me to begin this site in 2004 and I have since shared my experience and knowledge with others. I am mostly a raw-foodist and vegetarian (roughly 80% raw). My 8-hour audio series, “The Restoration of the Temple” is an excellent beginning place for those who are looking to have their body, soul and mind restored to the place it once was and always should be.

We offer several programs. You can purchase either an audio CD set of lectures that will give you a solid foundation to health. We also offer the Optimal Health Program; an electronically delivered 60 day course that is designed to educate nearly anyone.

You can find assistance on a one-to-one basis as I collaborate with an individual who wants to pursue a path to the restoration of their own temple. I provide a free consult to determine if you and I would make a good fit for this type of inter-personal collaboration.

We also offer various health related items that meet with my strict P.A.C.E. standards (Powerful, Affordable, Clean/Clear, Essential).

We are dedicated to helping others understand that health is a blessing and finding that blessing in their own lives.

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