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Mini-Series Introduction

Podcast 060418 – Don’t make me laugh

Excerpt from the Good News Radio program where Elijah was interviewed about the HoneyBear raw, wild honey.
Leslie & Ken Interview: Atomic #53, #72

Water Conference Part I

What a local doctor has to say about the honey.
Interview with Karen, regarding her experience with the program we have.

Interview with my mother, regarding her experience with our Halas Earth Salt.

One hour message (Intro to the Miraculous Minerals Supplement) entitled:
“I’d like to be well”

The Scriptural SECRET of life, health and longevity.

We are supposed to live 120 years in good health. Why is it then, that hardly anyone does?

An overview about the relationship between cancer and sugar.

Interview with Karen and Elaine regarding their experience with the Miraculous Minerals.

Interview with an elder friend regarding his experience with Miraculous Minerals.

Interview with one of our friends regarding her experience with our Fossil Shell Flour.

Supplements and Food

Enter The Health Concern You Have

Supplement Suggestions by GodsBlessing

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