Belief or Truth

You may have heard the famous ad on t.v. some years ago: Where’s the Beef? Well today, you don’t have to look any further. I’m bringing the meat. (If you are vegan or vegetarian don’t trip… it’s only a figure of speech)

I hope you will read all of this because it is a “first.” And then after reading it, you will take a hop over to the channel. Any feedback welcomed. Today begins a new development for myself and our community of subscribers.  Although I’ve known about all the “social media” for longer than most, I avoided it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. I detest all of them and for very good reasons.

It’s true that they provide “reach” for people who want to connect with a large audience. However, sadly, they are also the world’s biggest data-mining and privacy invading tools on the planet. This is why they were created, and who is behind their creation is partly the subject of today’s video. They are continuing to be used to silence freedom not provide it. They are used to monitor the activity of the general society, control it and when deemed useful to completely silence the influencers who are creating content that might expose or speak out against “the narrative.”

The list of non-approved content creators grows daily. You are non-approved, demonetized and outright BANNED if you fall into this category as determined by the controllers. This is the world of communism. The party-line. Parroting what the “Party” promotes and states. In America we have reached the point of all out fascism (the wedding of government with big business) Gov’t using big business to achieve it’s goals within the society by force. The force of business.

You can’t shop here if you don’t comply with the “POLICY” (not the law). It’s a devious way of evading the rule of law. I am “coming out” in the respect of going visual and making myself more publicly heard. We are at a time where the battle for our lives, our country and our futures is raging. We may lose all of them if people don’t get in the fight now. I believe the platform which I have chosen is one we can all support and feel good about. They are dedicated to free-speech and long held American values and respecting the rule of law.  You can watch the inaugural video here.

My channel is found here.

If you’d like to add your voice to the growing number of American’s who are letting the Whitehouse know their position on the forced wearing of masks: go to this site    Already signed by almost 80,000 people.