Did we miss something?


The frequency of my communication has decreased over time relative to the feedback and the purchasing through The Natural Health Treasury…. This is not a desire but a practical necessity of life. My “other” work which is the restoration of broken and dysfunctional motorcycle carburetors PAYS significantly more and necessitates that I give it the attention that it earns and calls for. By the way, this work was given to me by the Almighty.. so I certainly don’t consider it less important or significant.

My PASSION is to communicate with others regarding this incredible subject and the object of this discussion which is the BODY, designed by the Maker and fearfully (In a manner to impress admiration and astonishment.) and wonderfully (In a manner to excite wonder or surprise.) made. [Definitions from the 1812 Websters Dictionary)


The truth is that U.S. gummint, which many consider to be the chief tear or ist organization in the world has declared a;

W4r on Drugs (over 40 years, see Drugs War Clock)

W4r on C4ncer (40+ yrs, The Secret History of the W4r on C4ncer, By Devra Davis, also this trailer about what’s up)

W4r on Poverty (50+ yrs, 22 Trillion and counting while poverty explodes in America, 46+ Million on foodstamps)

W4r on Terror1sm (excuse me while I go retch)

just to mention a few of the never-ending list of wars on which they declare, then never WIN because their declarations are nothing more than propoganda tools that APPEAR noble while really presenting a platform for the secret agenda behind the so-called war. How are they doing in these w4rs just listed here? hahahaaahhhhaaa…. I knew I could make you laugh. But it really isn’t funny at all when one realizes how insidious and wicked these agendas truly are.

What would be more honest and realistic would be for them to announce their real agendas such as the few counterparts I have listed below:

W4r on Freedom
W4r on Americans
W4r on Christianity
W4r on Health [ see this video for an interesting documentary verifying this fact ]

Perhaps in the following newsletters I will provide additional commentary on the various wars that the U.S. gummint is actually waging as listed above, NOT the ones they CLAIM to be waging.

We are electrical beings and as such we are adversely or positively affected by electric oriented energies. Batteries need re-charging in order to function properly. SO DO YOU.

Each year, I take my family and we go to a beach. Why the beach? Because there is no more powerful source of grounding (critical for re-charging and electrical detox’g) than the Oceans. While there, getting into that oceany goodness for a little re-charge and detox, we had visitors that came to lunch

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