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Greetings friends! Since I can remember, I’ve been interested in health. Not just being disease-free but being really healthy. Juicy healthy. Sorta like the way young babies are. All rubbery, juicy and glowing. Can you stick your foot in your mouth with one hand while your other hand is playing with something… most of you would snap in half like a dried twig!!! Although this probably isn’t your personal health goal, I think you get the point. Wouldn’t it be nice to sleep like a baby, be as flexible as a Romanian gymnast, glow like a lantern with skin as soft and supple as that babies butt? Wouldn’t you like to wake up FULL of energy, feel a bounce in your step and be able to remember the smallest details with ease? I’m taking about great health, God’s blessing. Give me a measly $.99 cents and I will show you how to achieve what I have achieved, my previously sick 87 y.o. mother has achieved and countless others I have helped…

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When asked, I tell people that the number one disease is dehydration. By my estimate, 95% of American’s have this disease and eventually it will kill them PREMATURELY. But that isn’t the topic for today’s newsletter… HA! The topic is a snippet I am going to share with you as a free gift, from my book, The Heavenly HandBook of Health. By the time you finish reading this you will have what you need to make 2019 the healthiest year of your life since you were a young child. I GUARANTEE IT!!! (Yes, I put my money where my mouth is, unlike most who make hard-to-believe offers)

For starters, here is the snippet from my book that I promised…


Stress only becomes a factor when it affects YOU. In other words, there may be a fight resulting in death. That is extreme stress but if it happens in L.A. and you live in Dallas it is most likely that it won’t be stressful or even a reality for YOU. Stress must be personal, meaning its impact upon you, before it can be stress. Stress is the primary cause of all death and decay. That makes it a prime subject for understanding and addressing if you wish to enjoy optimal health. Stress comes not only from negative causes but also from positive ones. At some level… stress is actually beneficial. Once it crosses a line it becomes detrimental. Let’s look at this more closely. For the purpose of this book I have categorized five types of stress: Physical, Energetical, Metabolic/Chemical, Mental/Emotional and Spiritual.

Let’s begin with… Physical Stress. Physical stress, for the purposes of this book, is defined as that which imposes a force against the physical body. Examples of this would be injuries such as cuts, bruises, penetration, impacts, tears, exertion that exceeds usual or natural flow. Physical stress is positive when it stays within the range of stimulation. A good example of this would be exercise. Challenging your body to perform above its usual or natural flow is a form of positive stress that results in responses that improve your well-being. Physical exercise can enter into the negative stress range when it crosses the line and results in responses that deteriorate your well-being. These can be short term and generally easy to recover from but the stress is negative none-the-less and should be avoided. The unresolved ACCUMULATION of negative stress eventually leads to disease and ultimately, death.

Another example would be sunshine. The right amount of sunshine is a positive stress that will cause increases in Vitamin D production, increases in Melatonin and so on (the list is very lengthy). Too much sunshine is a negative stress that results in skin burning, pain, cell damage and DNA disruption. For optimal health, it is essential to get positive stress on a regular basis. That which is not growing is decaying. There is no true maintaining on a biological level. Your physical body is either improving or decaying. It cannot do both simultaneously. The “sense” of maintaining may exist when one is imperceptibly decaying but with time it will become obvious. There is also the rise and fall cycle of improving, decaying, improving and decaying which can cause one to feel they are “maintaining.” Our bodies were meant to move, to be used, to flow, to stretch, to be challenged. Done so at a proper level is positive stress, overdone equals negative. A few of the greatest threats to our physical body from a physical stress perspective would be a sedentary lifestyle and/or a dangerous lifestyle (one prone to injuries and overstresses).

Energetical Stress. Most people never consider that we are electrical beings and as such, energy is a major factor that can stress us. Again, always remembering there can be positive stress and negative stress. The majority of people never appreciate the significance of electrical energy as it relates to our being. We are beings of trillions of “cells.” A hair on your head measures approximately 75 microns. A cell is roughly 20 microns in circumference. It is made up of about 65% water mass (which should be a clue to optimal health) and 98% of the molecular composition of the cell. Within each cell are ions. Ions are atoms or molecules which have gained or lost one or more valence electrons giving the ion a net positive or negative charge. . Cations and anions are both types of ions, the difference between a cation and an anion is the net electrical charge of the ion. Cations are ions with a net positive charge. Anions are ions with a net negative charge. So you can see, at the most basic level, WE ARE ELECTRIC BEINGS.

As you read these words, electricity is zinging through your brain, voracious killers are coursing through your veins and corrosive chemicals bubble from your head to your toes. In fact, your entire body is like an electrical company, chemical factory, transportation grid, communications network, detoxification facility, hospital and battlefield all rolled into one. The workers that drive these activities are your cells. Our bodies contain trillions of cells, organized into more than 200 major types. At any given time, each cell is doing thousands of routine jobs, like creating and using energy, manufacturing proteins and responding to environmental cues. Different cell types also have special duties, like building skin or bone, pumping out hormones or making antibodies. Our electricity energy is generated by chemical processes in nerve cells. Billions of nerve impulses travel throughout the human brain and nervous system. A nerve impulse is a wave of electrical activity that passes from one end of nerve cell to another. Each impulse is the same size; it is the frequency, impulses per second, that carries information about the intensity of the nerve signal.

The idea that people have electrical current running through their bodies most likely is not something you think about very often. However, every living function, whether it is conscious or unconscious, physical or mental, is powered by low levels of electrical current. When you think about it a little more, it starts to make sense. Perception of pain, muscle contraction and movement, nerve function, glandular secretions, healing and regeneration, and brain activity are all electrically driven functions of the body. The brain is a super highway of electrical signals, processing and delivering millions of messages to the entire infrastructure of the human body every second. At any given time, the human brain produces enough electrical current to power a 15–20 watt light bulb. Commonly measured and observed, the electrical activity of the brain can be monitored by way of an electroencephalogram, or an EEG, which is similar in concept to that of an ECG (heart electrical activity). But can people emit enough electrical current to affect another person? Many people, regardless of their belief in energy transfer, can attest to a person or group of people “draining” their energy.

The fact of the matter is that humans can absorb and emit electrical current, which can have more of an effect than you may imagine. In some cases, it could change the path of one’s day and possibly even one’s life. Although you may be thinking all this is a bit too mystical to buy into; this fact is so well known among manufacturers that they require their technicians to wear a grounding strap on their wrist connected to a grounding pole. This ensures the charge of current that may be temporarily residing with them does not arbitrarily move to the electronics and cause damage or malfunctions. So now that you have a better understanding of this key component of our make-up, you can better relate and identify bad stressors and positive stressors.

An example of a bad stressor would be proximity to electrical transmission devices such as smart meters, wireless routers, cell phone towers and high-power lines. They WILL adversely impact your health and be a source of continuous negative energetic stress. It becomes critical to DESTRESS… and the best way to do that is to get GROUNDED!!! It means more than a figure of speech. It is a literal, electrical phenomena. The practice of getting your bare feet on the ground (sand, grass, dirt, water, stone) 15 minutes a day will do miracles for your health. Failure to get grounded in America today will equate to serious energetical stress. You can lay down in the grass and get as much bare skin as possible in contact with the earth. You can get into a pond, river, lake or ocean. People are isolated from the earth, from real food, from one-another and most importantly, from their Maker. This kind of isolation is stressful and leads to premature sickness and death.

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