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Dr. Anthony Samsel, a research chemist and biomedical investigator, presents proof that glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s RoundUp Ready pesticide, is in almost all vaccines. These include MMR, chickenpox, shingles, hepatitis, and flu. He believes the source of contamination is animal protein from eggs or gelatin from bones, both of which are used to cultivate vaccine components. Children’s ‘gummie’ vitamins made from gelatin also contain glyphosate. Tony Mitra posted 2016 Sep 3 (Story)

Apple’s new ‘wireless’ headphones emit radiation … right next to your brain. See my section on radiation and get educated. You are already being radiated.

Jarupa Valley, California: Two students from an elementary school have been diagnosed with leprosy, a long-lasting infection caused by bacteria. It can be spread by sneezing or coughing and can cause skin lesions, loss of nerve sensation, paralysis, and blindness. Leprosy can be successfully treated by anti-biotics. Daily Caller 2016 Sep 7 (Story)

And last but not least, if you want to see what a lack of good nutrition does to a person, watch this mind-blowing, unbelievable video: