Mimi Kirk on living food & longevity

What are the keys to good health and long life? They fall within the spiritual and the physical realms.

This video demonstrates the reality of the proper practice of living from an excellent nutrition standpoint. The 2nd cord can be viewed at this link.  The 3rd cord (and  the most important as far as I am concerned) is the daily practice of reading the Scriptures, meditating on them and talking to and listening to the Creator; mostly listening.  If this discipline is neglected then what remains is a physically healthy individual who is spiritually lacking and whose life will have been found wanting.  The Son of God said it this way:  “What profits a man if he gains the whole world but  loses his soul?”  Gaining incredible physical health without an intimate relationship with the One Who gave you life and sustains that life is vanity.

From a physical standpoint, what goes into your mouth and what is constrained from going in is the single most important factor in health.  Exercise plays a very important but far less significant role.

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