Money Back Guarantee

Double-Your-Money-Back Guarantee

How this works

I am confident and hopeful that you will *not* be the first to ask for your money back because, like every other individual before you, there will be complete satisfaction that your small initial investment was one of the best you have ever made!natural healing


To protect your investment and to show my good faith in you as well as the process that has been given to me and used countless times, I am offering this guarantee.

After receiving your custom plan, you have 30 days to get started and to follow that plan. If for any reason, you fail to start within that time frame, you agree to FORFEIT any claim for refund due to lack of effort on your part. If you start the custom plan before 30 days expires, stick to that plan, provide the requested feedback which verifies your adherence to the plan and fail to experience the promised benefits and progress outlined in your plan (examples: more energy, better sleep, less pain, loss of weight, things of this nature), then you may contact me with a request for refund of your investment.

What you will receive (in the event of a qualified refund) will be double your initial investment, MINUS the cost of the product(s) you received and utilized, minus shipping cost, times TWO (double).

Example: You invest $97. You receive a bag of peanuts. The cost of the peanuts is $50. It costs me $5.20 to ship you the initial package of information and product(s). Total cost: $55.20. $97-$55.20=$41.80. $41.80 x 2 = $83.60 (amount of your double-your-money-back guarantee refund)

If you make an investment (as outlined in this example) it will cost you $97 and your honest effort and documenting of such. In the highly unlikely event that you fail to get the promised results in your plan, you will get back $83.60. Your *risk* for trying this life-changing process: $13.40. My risk for working with you: The cost of my valuable time (a few (3) hours at $125/hr plus lost product: $55.20. Total loss for me: $430.20.

Why would I risk such a loss unless I had an undeniable track record and was sure that this process will work for you as well as it has worked for others? Remember that this process is not limited to ONLY certain types of problems. I have worked with terminally ill, stage IV, cancer patients.

If you still have reservations, read some of the letters I have received from satisfied friends or contact me so I can put you in touch with real people who had real problems and have received real solutions or at least notable progress they were happy with!

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