Oh,.. yeah… we REALLY meant you need boosters for life

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Yep, the “narrative” is rapidly changing. Now that they have held you hostage to fear for almost a full two years, they are gonna SAVE you with lifetime booster shots. Don’t make me puke laugh. It is truly mind-blowing the degree of fear and related belief in these devils on earth that exists among such a large degree of the population. Just for fun, I started mock-coughing shortly before one of the mask-worshippers approach me in stores. The reaction is priceless.

But before we get into the juicy details today, let me have one moment to inform you that the previous newsletter was VERY important. Over a thousand people received that newsletter but only 20 clicked the link to actually come to the website and follow thru. Of those 20, only 7 people actually LISTENED to the newsletter. We are moving to a predominately AUDIO based communication format for various reasons. In addition to that, we are moving to a predominantly MEMBERSHIP based community. I am going to invest my time and energy into those who want to invest into Life Giving Food’s mission to educate others on information simply not found anywhere else. I hate cliche’ sayings that are over-used by so many. But this information will be, in fact, life changing. Not only life giving in terms of food, health and nutrition but life enhancing in many other ways. 5 of the 7 people that actually took a minute to follow thru ACTED on the upcoming changes.

That is 71%. That tells me that the people who actually listened to the newsletter, found it valuable and significant enough to take action.

PLEASE go back and have visit the actual webpage sent out in the previous newsletter found here. And either download the mp3 to listen offline or have a listen at your convenience. You’ll be glad you did and you won’t be left behind in the group that gets basic newsletter announcements but doesn’t get the community based INSIDER benefits. Let’s get on with today’s general newsletter.

Let me clue you in on a little known website that I first came across nearly 10 years ago. I hadn’t seen it in many years but something recently caused me to remember it. It was an intelligence website (think Cee Eye Ay) that was essentially forecasting the population of many countries in the world IN THE FUTURE. Ten years ago it was 2011 but the projected population of the United States was some number UNDER 100 million people in the year 2025. We aren’t too far from that point now and OH GEE!!!!! What’s going on??? A world-wide agenda to kill and control people. Yep, you heard it right. I don’t like mincing words. I am attempting to open just a few eyes as most are permanently shut and those who get my newsletter, by and large, already have their eyes open. I’m not talking about “wokeness” (a word that I hate since it has become a politicized agenda word) No, I’m talking about REALLY being awake and having a pretty good idea what is goin g on in the world. Back to this website. Deag el DOT kom. You can figure it out. Suggest you start at this web-page.

Now what in the world could reduce the population of our country to under 100 million? Let me give you a clue,… rhymes with Maxine.

Before I tell you what you should do, let me tell you what you betta not do…

Don’t get…


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I want to be part of the Community private tribe

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