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There is little that gives me more fulfillment than helping someone change their health for the better and better their life as a result.

How this works:

If you are a “current” friend not sure how to re-order or place new orders, contact me about the special order section for friends only. You can re-order products easily, quickly anytime via the website.

If you are a “first-time” friend looking for help or a product then it is important to understand how I work and can best serve you. My service is unlike any other that I am aware of. References are available upon request. (You can also read some of the 1st person stories provided to me by satisfied friends over the years at this link.

So far, my work over the last 14+ years has a 100% track record of success. I guard my process carefully. You can initiate this service by placing a fully protected, “double-your-money-back” donation of $495.

What do you get for your donation of $495?

  • You get a one hour consult which is extremely comprehensive and involves not only a history of your health and lifestyle but a custom-tailored practical plan. NOTE: I do not “practice medicine”, “give medical advice”, “prescribe drugs”, or engage in any practice which may be construed as or compared to what modern doctors or the so-called “health-care” system practices. Two different worlds.  Your donation enrolls you into a private membership association and services are only available to members.
  • In addition to your custom-plan, I will support you, encourage you, check on you and hold you accountable to implementing the plan which will help you to achieve NOT ONLY your stated goals but probably goals which have been added based on the assessment. Goals which you were possibly unaware that you needed (from an optimal health standpoint).
  • You get the additional VALUE of ONE FREE MONTH access to our “members only” site which is packed FULL of invaluable information served up in such an easy, powerful and available buffet for your digestive pleasure.
  • You get a “starter product package” that includes some high-powered health tools to speed and ease your slide into beautiful health.
  • Finally, after your first month, you only donate $20 per telephone consult and $35 per house-call.

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I’m ready to get started.

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