State of Emergency

Yes, we are in a state of emergency.

The war to take possession of your life in ways unimagined is already well underway.   Many have sounded the alarm…   some have answered the call.  ALL will be affected by the coming events.   The most famous man of all time once said:  “forbid him not, for he that is not against us is for us.”    You can stay on the sideline and perhaps be “for us” but everyone who stays on the sidelines does not share in the rewards or the spoils of victory.  Only those who get in the fight will enjoy the fruit of their labor…

What can I do???

  1. Raise awareness.  Spread messages, videos, audios, emails and conversations.
  2. Stop complying with unlawful and evil decrees by criminals and murderers.
  3. Pray or learn to pray…
  4. Get a shirt – WEAR IT IN PUBLIC    (email Elijah at LifeGivingFood to order:  $20)
  5. Get your children out of the Public Fool system
  6. NEVER, never, Ever watch Main Stream “News” (Fake News)
  7. Buy, own and learn to use a guhn.  Everyone in the household old enough to learn should have one.
  8. Learn to grow your own food.  Keep supply of water and non-perishables for at least 2 mo.