State of the Union?

“Hi, we’re from the GoverMINT (sp) and we’re here to help you!” You mean like you helped this 17 y.o. young lady who was fighting a serious cancer and wanted to do it safely and naturally? The one who didn’t want to have to FIGHT the chemo and radiation on top of the already existing cancer. The one who probably understood that radiation CAUSES cancer… we’re talking about this one right? She had argued she didn’t want to poison her body with chemotherapy. Her case went to the state Supreme Court, which ruled in January 2015 that Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families wasn’t violating her rights. She was then forced by the gummint to undergo chemotherapy for her cancer and says a new mass has been found in her lungs. She told The Associated Press that she is “moving forward with alternative treatments.” She had been in remission after undergoing five months of forced chemotherapy for Hodgkin lymphoma when she was 17. Good thing those concerned people from the gummint stepped in…

The people over in Pakistan have a little different way of dealing with overly concerned, meddling gummint busy-bodies. 7 policemen escorting a polio-eradication team killed in Pakistan
ISLAMABAD, April 20 (Xinhua) — At least seven policemen, deployed to guard polio-eradication teams, were killed and three others injured when gunmen opened fire at them in Pakistan’s southern port city of Karachi on Wednesday, officials said. Feroze Shah, deputy Inspector General Police, said the policemen were escorting teams who were giving polio vaccines to children in Orangi Town of Karachi, the capital city of the country’s south Sindh province. He said the attackers first gunned down three policemen who were on the foot and then opened indiscriminate firing at a police mobile, killing four cops and injuring three others. No polio worker was killed or injured in the drive-by shooting by four militants on two motorbikes.

The three-day polio eradication drive, which started on Monday, was suspended following the incident. Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only two countries in the world where polio virus could not be eradicated yet. The polio-eradication campaigns in the country have been badly affected by the militants who launch attack on polio teams and threaten parents against allowing health workers to administer polio vaccine to their kids. An estimated 80 workers have been killed in separate attacks by militants on polio teams since December 2012. What the heck is going on you may wonder? The friendly gummints of the world have “suddenly” decided to eradicate all polio vaccines. WHY? So they can give you NEW ones. 🙂 yuck-yuck. Yes, Vern, they plan to forcibly vaccinate you against your will (to help you) just like they forcibly chemo’d and radiated the poor girl mentioned above.

See how the NWO governments plan to forcibly vaccinate you. Over the last week or so, we’ve all watched in fascination as the entire mainstream media called for the outright censorship of a vaccine documentary they had never even seen. That documentary — “VAXXED” — was so dangerous to the medical establishment that orders went out to the media to attack it and destroy it. the official site

Similarly, a book called “A Mind of Your Own,” authored by a holistic doctor named Dr. Kelly Brogan, was blackballed by the entire mainstream media after orders went out to crush the book. It recommends a holistic, nutrition-based approach to mental health while exposing the lies and science fraud behind antidepressants and SSRI drugs.

Key West, Florida: Residents are hopping mad at the CDC, the FDA and Oxitec, the producer of GMO mosquitoes. They do not want to be experimented upon with millions of engineered insects that the government plans to release supposedly to fight the Zika virus. The residents are planning to sue government officials who are forcing the experiment on them.

Michigan: A District Judge accepted charges against three state and local officials involved in the Flint water-pollution tragedy in which tens of thousands of people were poisoned. Now the key witnesses against the State are starting to turn up DEAD coincidently.

But we are just here to help you…

Meanwhile, while there is a major “war on terror” the head muslim in the white house has authorized the U.S. to give 680,000 Green Cards to Migrants from Muslim Nations. Over the same period, the U.S. issued only 270,000 green cards to migrants from the European Union.

Better get your Miracle Scrub before it sells out!! If you are going to be forcibly vaccinated or terrorized, you at least want to look and feel your best.