Thanksgiving 2020


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Recently a friend sent me an email asking why I don’t have some “good news” or “light” in my videos.  I believe that is a very fair question and one that deserves to be answered and acted upon…   Like others, I like good news.   Light also appeals to me especially in these days of so much darkness in our world.   So, for Shira… and others, here it goes!   And please don’t be like the mush-minded youth of today (some exceptions) who “have their minds made up” despite being incredibly and dangerously wrong.  I am not a Pastor and this is not a church.   But I DO have “good news.”   And for some skeptics, the question might be:  “How do I know it is true and that it’s good news?”     I am soooo glad you asked…

Having left home at the unripened age of 14 and having to rough it as a young barely teenager, it quickly became apparent to me that the world was full of evil of every kind.  Now, the most widely read book in the history of the world says it like this: “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”  Gen 6:5   Now what in the world is good news about THAT??   Well, nothing.  But I have GOOD NEWS… so hold on and bear with me just a wee bit.

So growing up in this world, my experience was seeing and experiencing the evil of mankind and the world.  Naturally it shaped my perspective a bit.  However, in my mid-forties, after going through another disaster in my life and literally feeling as if I could not endure any longer and having thoughts of putting it all to an end….  I heard a voice.   And the voice said “your life is not over, its just beginning and the purpose for which you were created out of your mother’s womb is as yet unfulfilled.  Go now and get started.”   That is a paraphrase but that is exactly what I did.  I just KNEW that the message was true and that I HAD to get busy being about it.  It was at that beginning point for my new life that the GOOD NEWS started coming to me and I began to understand it.  It was just like it says in the book of Wisdom:  As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country.    And my 40+ year old thirsty soul was getting filled daily with GOOD NEWS.

The Good News can be best demonstrated by the following statement, found in the Good Book: 

Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the Alimighty, and He will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. Isa 55:7  

You see, if you live on planet earth, you fall into that former category.  The one that talks about why the world and mankind are wicked.  This is a realization that one must come to in order to discover the GOOD NEWS.   Everyone is born wicked.  Maybe more or less than the next person but wicked never-the-less.  And truth be known, it isn’t really even your fault because it is a just judgment upon mankind for rebellion.   You come out of the womb, pre-programmed by the curse to be and do wickedness.  The good book says it like this: Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.   We all came out that way.    If you cannot see the wickedness of mankind all around, you must be asleep or in a coma.   And every day, it gets a little worse.   But the GOOD NEWS is that regardless of the condition of mankind, or the world, YOU can experience the GOOD NEWS.  You can be abundantly pardoned.

And more GOOD NEWS is that there is perfect justice.  Don’t be fooled by the evil-doers who are getting away with it.  At least, that is how it “appears.”   But the truth is that you don’t know their end or when/how it comes.   Please take a moment to read Rev 16:5-11 for yourself.  Then jump over to Psa 73 and read that.   Let me tell you, if no-one else has, that there is PERFECT justice for all born into this world.  They get it in this world… and they get more of it in the world to come.  Nobody evil escapes.  And no-one who has turned to the Almighty to renounce their wicked ways and ask for help will be turned down.  They will be ABUNDANTLY PARDONED!   Now that, my friend, is GOOD NEWS.   I will encourage you to do a few things:   1)  think on your own crooked ways in this life, honestly and deeply.  Just get in touch with reality.    2) Have some private and personal time with the Almighty.  You don’t need an organized church building to visit or a “Pastor” to accomplish anything.  Just talk to the Almighty the way you would talk to your friend.  He is waiting for you, to show you great and mighty things that you don’t know.  To show His mercy, His lovingkindness, His faithfulness, His protection, His provision and so much more…   Don’t let pretenders and hypocrites who say “I’m a Christian misrepresent Him because the good book talks about those people very clearly.  There are many of them and the ironic thing is they aren’t who they claim to be but sadly many will turn away from the GOOD NEWS because they have wrongly associated these devils with “God.”   Wouldn’t YOU hate to be judged and shunned due to the words and actions of others who don’t even know you?  His invitation is simple:  “Call out to ME and I will show you great and mighty things you don’t know…”

More good news:  You can be healthy at any age.  You can recover your health at any age (with rare exceptions).  This is why I started Messiah’s Healing Institute and The Natural Health Treasury.  This is why I wrote The Heavenly HandBook of Health.  This is why I am writing a new book on this subject.

Yesterday I spent the day with my family which includes my 90 y.o. mother.  A woman who was dying at age 76.  Taking a list of farm-a-sue tickles.  Depressed.  In lots of pain 24/7.   An adult onset diabetic with heart disease, high b/p, legally blind, high cholesterol, degenerative joint disease, scoliosis, arthritis and missing a gall bladder.   My 90 y.o. mother who lives by herself (not in a care facility of any kind, not assisted, just by her self).  No pain, no arthritis, virtually none of her former problems, free from farm-a-sue tickles.   Using the principles laid out in The Heavenly HandBook of Health and taking the unique, one-of-a-kind, health recovering and fortifying supplements found only at The Natural Health Treasury and unlike the mainstream “alternative” health supplements marketplace…. AFFORDABLE!!

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My prayer for you this Thanksgiving is that you meet or recover your own personal relationship with the Great Physician… so He can show you the GOOD NEWS personally….

You will NEVER regret it.