The Garden of Life

Life is short! Make it count. Here’s the latest newsletter in short form (for all you busy bodies)

The new garden of life giving food, just installed: Curly Parsley, Italian Parsley, Basil, Dill and lots of Tomatoes… yummy. A little yellowish but they are gonna green right up in the incredible soil that is their new home! We are what we eat…. plants are what THEY EAT. IF we grow pretty looking nutrient deficient plants, we will eat nutrient deficient food. The soil is key!!!!!

And while we are at it, let’s have a look at some goodies shipping out from The Natural Health Treasury to one of our friends who regularly buys unique life-giving supplements from us.

Remember that we endeavor, based on many years of both allopathic and alternative health study, to provide you with the absolute best options available today…anywhere!

Why have we given all of our products UNIQUE names?
Because the amount of research and time that has gone into ensuring that each of our items meets the P.A.C.E. criteria is invaluable!!! You *cannot* simply go out and buy just any ole product you find in the MARKETplace. (I.E., Money-driven sales) We are committed to ensuring that the items you obtain thru us not only meet our high standards of efficacy, cleanliness, affordability and essentialness. (PACE) Please do not fall into the illusion that all products are the same or will provide you with the same or even remotely similar benefits. 99% of the time, they will not.

Certified Pristine

Certified Pristine is the next generation of food standards, far surpassing Certified Organic by addressing areas most people rarely consider including:

    Protection from Irradiation
    Protection from X-Rays
    Protection from exhaust fume absorption during transit
    Ensuring correct harvesting methods, for peak nutrient profile
    Ensuring correct Genus and Species of product
    Determining exact chemical residue levels to ensure products are clean (free from pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, petrochemicals, heavy metals)
    Protection from oxidation (slow cooking by oxygen exposure) during shipping and storage
    Protection from GMO (Genetically Modified) contamination
    Protection from microbial (bacteria/fungus/yeast/mold) contamination

Certified Pristine encompasses these and other energetic testing parameters. We are not able to provide you with 100% products that are using this immaculate level of product quality commitment but many of them are.