The SECRET to surviving Coh Vid Nine Teen

Bear with me a little and I am going to give you FREE the knowledge regarding how to Ko Vid proof yourself and your loved ones.  If you are not interested but wish to view our latest video, you can do so at this link.

Each day that I venture out into the dangerous, murky, life-threatening jungle, filled with creatures who could end my life at a moment’s breath…. oh, wait, I was having a flash-back to my days in Jungle Warfare school in the jungle of Panama.  But it could be an opening line to 2021 leaving your home in the morning for work.   At least if you used the behavior of countless millions of people everywhere “out there” as a model for your book.   I continue to be mind-blown every day by the depth of mind-kontrol and the total absolute belief in the story being spun 24/7 – 365, day and night across the airwaves by the “programmers.”  You know that is what they call it right?  PROGRAMMING   Have a look for yourself:

tv sponges

25 years ago, I stopped watching T.V. but the tv sponges of today suck it up like the Gospel.  It is the “faith” of the totally, hopelessly mind-kontrolled.  This was the ultimate goal of the See Eye Aye program called M.K. – Ul Tra ( a cute twist on Ultra mynd kontrol) which was launched in 1953 supposedly for the purpose of interrogating prisoners of war but documented by many including those who actually worked in the program to be far more nefarious.   Things like il-legaly speye’g on the unknowing American public and even kid napping them and others from around the world for an unknown end.  Many of the records from this mynd kontrol program have been destroyed, but 8,000 pages of records were discovered in 1977.  Here’s a link directly to the “Agency” website caused by an FOIA request. This stuff is VERY real and is directly related to where we are at as a country.  The public is brain woshed to a degree only imaginable in fairy tales.


Over a year ago, I published this article on the Plan Demic.   Now, over a year later, there are actually idjuts who are eagerly anticipating and celebrating the opportunity to go and get “their” vacks in nations.   They have absolutely no clue what they are subjecting themselves to and our latest video spells things out in far more clear and precise detail.

By the way, Mr. Gottlieb was one of the Not Sees, who were secretly brought over to the U.S. after World War II during operation “Paper” -… Clip

Just carrying on more of what he did in the concentration camps.

Notice that he was allowed to “requisition” human “subjects” from across the U.S. and around the world and this was back in the 50’s.  Can you even begin to imagine what is being plotted and allowed 70 years later by this same organization and those who work in it?

Try out the reduction of the world’s population by billions as a starter.  I know, sounds like a CON spear issy to  most.   Pardon me, but I digress.

Look up the Georgia Guidestones just for fun.  Consider that Gates, the herald cryer for world-wide vacks in nations said his investments into Vacks zeens was the “best investment I ever made” netting his “foundation” over 200B, yes that’s a “B” on a 10B investment (a nice way of describing his manipulation and out-right buying of influence and results across all kinds of medium including the “fact-checking” truth ministry that they have created to police and control information such at what you see at this link.

Anyway, enough about the fantasy being played out before our very eyes, you can learn more by watching today’s video if you are inclined.  I promised to share the SECRET (watch till the END) that will literally ensure that you are coh vid proof.